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Brian & Kate | Asheville NC

Kate and Brian were married at The Farm, a beautiful and intimate venue just outside of Asheville, NC. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, this couple made their wedding day memorable for everyone, including our Asheville videographers.

Don't Forget the Suit

The Farm is such a unique property, with cozy cabins for guests and the couple in a wooded setting. Kate and Brian each had their own cabins for getting ready with their bridal parties. We had a “first” as Brian had forgotten to bring his tux with him to the wedding, and had to go out in Asheville to purchase a new one for the ceremony. Talk about wedding jitters!! He made it back in time and was calm as a cucumber. Kate was unphased by the event, still having a great time hanging out with her best friends and being excited for the ceremony to come. It was a great example for all of us, having that positive, go with the flow attitude is important in life, because we miss out on so many fun, amazing moments when we get stuck in worry.

Chicken Chapel First Look

All worries were thrown to the side the moment Kate and Brian saw one another. These two have such a connection, a gentle ease around one another. The Farm had the perfect spot for their first look, the Chicken Chapel- a cute chapel that once was a chicken house on site. With the mountains in the background, these two snuggled, chatted about the morning’s events, and savored these final moments as an engaged couple and our Asheville wedding videographers captured each moment. 

A Gorgeous Outdoor Ceremony in Asheville, NC

Guests were arriving at The Farm from their cabins and enjoying the beautiful surroundings before the ceremony. The weather was perfect for an outdoor mountain ceremony. Kate and Brian had written vows to one another, using the same ending – “We are the Adams, and we are freaking badasses”. How awesome is that?! This Asheville wedding video was really taken over the top with their handwritten vows. No one can tell your story better than the couple, so having this precious audio really set the tone for their wedding film.

Party Time at The Farm

Adjacent to the ceremony site was the reception space at The Farm. With light flowing in, a beautiful setting, and just the right size for an intimate wedding, we loved this reception space. Brian and his mom had the most amazing Mother-Son dance, filled with laughs. Brian and Kate shared their cake, as nicely as they could and it was time to dance. This crowd was staying on-site and the party did not disappoint. There is something about not having to drive at the end of the night that can really keep a party going much later into the night. 

Of course, before our Asheville wedding videographers left, we had to capture some stunning shots of the bride and groom at the top of the hill, just across the street from the venue. With the mountains rolling in the distance and the sun setting, we captured endless dreamy shots of the couple. 

Bubble On in Asheville, NC

Spending our time at The Farm with this amazing couple, their friends and their families was a treat. Our time in Asheville, NC is always a good one and we feel so fortunate that they chose us to capture it for them. We wish Brian and Kate a lifetime of happiness and joy and are so glad that they finally got the wedding they had been dreaming of for so long. Congratulations to the couple!

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