Asheville Masonic Temple Wedding

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The heart of downtown Asheville is full of deep-rooted culture and history. Every corner you turn in the mountain engulfed town presents a new and interesting sight to be seen. One of our favorite wedding venues in downtown Asheville is the Masonic Temple. Chartered in 1848 this historic building has a rich tale to speak and boasts gorgeous decor inside and out.
Asheville Masonic Temple
Asheville Mountains Masonic Temple

Shelly and Ryan have always loved venturing to Asheville as a getaway from the daily grind. They love the vibrant nightlife and deep culture. It seemed like a no-brainer when they first saw the Asheville Masonic Temple. Besides, what other venue features an old theater in which they could dance in like Egyptians to greet their guests. (They totally did this)

The day started out for Shelly at Willow Dream, a cute little salon right down the road from the Temple. Shelly and her bridesmaids were such a delight to hang out with, their kindness coupled with their good humor made for an enjoyable morning for all. Shelly’s sister, in particular, struck our heart during her sweet, emotion-filled reading during the ceremony. Seriously, ya’ll try not crying when you hear it.

Willows Dream Asheville NC
Wedding Reading

After the tears were wiped away, Shelly and Ryan shared their first smooch and headed out into the scenic downtown to spend some time together while we followed them around capturing these wonderful moments.

Bride Groom Downtown Asheville
Asheville Masonic Temple Rings

Guests enjoyed a refreshing cocktail while overlooking the beautiful blue ridge mountains on the upstairs balcony. Meanwhile, the Shay Brown Events team were hard at work downstairs creating a stunning display of decor on the tables for folks to feast their eyes on while grubbing away.

Shay Brown Decor

With a full belly and heart from the great meal and sweet toasts, we headed back upstairs and danced the night away under the soft light of neon glow sticks surrounded by an audience of deep red theater chairs. It was the perfect ending to this memorable and magical wedding day.

Bride Groom Theater Dance
Grandpa Glow Stick
Bride Groom Glowsticks

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