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Heather and Ty were married at the beautiful Millikan Farms in Sophia, NC. Our Triad wedding video team grew close with this amazing couple on their wedding day. Everything was held at Millikan Farms, which allowed our Greensboro wedding video team to have ample time to capture every last detail of Heather and Ty’s big day.

Heather could hardly contain her excitement as she got ready to marry the man of her dreams. In every shot, every angle, Heather was nothing short of happy and radiant. Our Triad wedding video team had a hard time deciding what to leave out, rather than edit into this video because every shot of Heather’s bride prep was so genuine and true to her character. What we loved most was Heather’s giddy dance moves from the moment we walked in, until the end of the night.

Ty also got ready at Millikan Farms and had the most fun set of groomsmen to help him get ready. Our Greensboro wedding video team really enjoyed Ty’s laid back, but intentional personality. When doing the photo session with Ty, we also got to meet their adorable dog, Sophie. 

Heather and Ty shared their first look, and our Greensboro wedding video team felt truly honored to capture such a personal, intimate moment for the two of them. After a fun photo session, it was on to the ceremony. Wow! What a loving and thoughtful couple. You’ll just have to watch the ceremony footage for yourself to see the love between these two special people.

After the cocktail hour, it was time for the reception! Our Triad wedding video team captured some of the best toasts we’ve heard in awhile, which made for the perfect backdrop for their feature film. We literally bawled our eyes out going through this footage.

Every detail, every moment, and every person in attendance made this feature film truly special and we are so very excited to share their amazing day with you all. We hope you fall in love with them, just as we did. 

Congratulations, Heather and Ty!

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