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Jennie & Taylor | Melrose Knitting Mill

Jennie and Taylor chose the gorgeous Melrose Knitting Mill in Raleigh, NC, as the perfect place for celebrating their wedding day. This stunning venue features rustic decor, reminiscent of the old days of hard factory labor. Textured, exposed brick, soaring wood beams, and rickety old wood flooring are a few elements that give this venue so much character. Add in a pop of florals and soft drapery, and you are in for a real eye-popping treat.

Morning Prep Before the Knitting Mill

Jennie spent the morning with her bridesmaids getting ready at her home. They enjoyed plenty of laughter as they eagerly awaited the day ahead. Meanwhile, the gentlemen kicked back, relaxed, and got dressed over at the AC Hotel. They headed up to the rooftop bar after cinching up their ties and enjoyed a few drinks while perched atop the North Hills area.

Jennie and Taylor exchanged gifts and letters to one another before the wedding. Their reactions were priceless. As Taylor flashed his new watch, Jennie wiped away her tears of joy as she unwrapped the gorgeous necklace that Taylor had gotten for her.

A Short Limo Ride to Melrose Knitting Mill

The guys hopped into the limo and headed downtown to the Melrose Knitting Mill. Once dropped off, the limo headed back and picked up the ladies. As the limo rolled up, Taylor stood in the courtyard with his back turned, awaiting his lovely bride’s arrival. As Jennie stepped out of the limo, we were all giddy with excitement. She walked up behind Taylor, tapped him on the shoulder, and his joy couldn’t be contained. He and his gorgeous bride shared in hugs, kisses, and laughter as they giggled about their excitement for the ceremony.

The Mother of the Bride Walks Her Daughter Down the Aisle

Many times, couples are concerned about whether to do a first look. Their main concern is that it will ruin the reaction as the bride walks down the aisle during the ceremony. As is evident in Jennie and Taylor wedding film, this is definitely not a concern. Taylor barely held back the tears as he took in the reality of this gorgeous woman walking toward him. Jennie’s father is no longer with us. She chose to carry a charm on her bouquet as a way of having him by her side throughout her wedding day. Jennie’s mother had the honor of walking her daughter down the aisle and giving her to Taylor. It was a sweet moment as these two women joyously processed toward the altar.

An Elegant Wedding Reception at Melrose Knitting Mill

After the ceremony completed, guests headed downstairs to the bar at Mulino Italian Kitchen to enjoy cocktails and good company. Meanwhile, the crew worked vigilantly upstairs to flip the ceremony space into a dream reception. The florals stood boldly upon tables, accenting the beauty of this downtown venue.

The cake topper featured a stunning gold accent as it sat atop the gorgeous cake. The florist dressed the cake in beautiful, vibrant colors that added an elegant pop to an already fantastic cake.

Nightfalls on the Downtown City around Melrose

Guests spent the evening dancing, mingling, and having a wonderful time. As Jennie lined up to toss her bouquet, no one imagined it would be such a shocking moment. The bouquet flew through the air, knicking a chandelier before landing into the eager hands of a young woman. The reaction of surrounding girls was hilarious, as you can see the shock on their faces as the flowers pelt the light fixture.

After letting loose, it was time to head outside to the streets of downtown and see the couple off into the night. Guests lined up with sparklers in hand and cheered as Jennie and Taylor headed toward the limo. One last wave goodbye, and it was off to married life for these two.

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