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It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding video at the Merrimon-Wynne House. The sky was a beautiful blue with just the right number of clouds for some amazing time-lapses. The only thing more beautiful than the day was our lovely bride Jami.

Jami prepped in one of the gorgeous rooms at the Merrimon-Wynne house on this beautiful day. The walls were painted a stunning blue, which made the perfect backdrop for Jami’s preparations. We were able to sneak in an amazing dress shot of Jami’s dress off of one of the large and detailed doors at the Merrimon-Wynne house, while Seth stays hidden away in the groom’s quarters.

Seth was an absolute joy to be around on his wedding day to Jami. Their wedding video will be something to cherish for years to come, but we cherished our moments with these two amazing people for this one meaningful day. Seth and his groomsmen got ready in a flash and had plenty of time to enjoy a game or two before the big moment.

The couple opted to do a first touch instead of a first-look and with the two love birds on either side of the door, they held hands and said a prayer. Their love for God showed throughout the whole day, but perhaps the most so during their ceremony. Their first act as a married couple was to share the love and joy of Jesus Christ via communion for all their guests. As each person partook of the bread and wine, Jami and Seth said: “His body was broken for you; His blood was spilled for you”. Our wedding video team could hardly hold back our tears at this selfless act and symbolism for each soul there that day.

The night carried on with an absolutely beautiful reception, fun games on the lawn, and dancing. We had the best time at Jami and Seth’s wedding day, and couldn’t be more happy to share their wedding video with you.

Congratulations Jami and Seth! May God bless and keep you for all the days of your life together.

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