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Daniel & John | Traine

This beautiful gay couple celebrated their wedding in Raleigh, NC and brought us all to tears with their passionately crafted wedding vows and speeches shared throughout the day.

When Daniel and John first contacted us, in regards to capturing their Raleigh wedding video, we were over-the-moon excited. Up until now, we had only captured a same-sex wedding for two lovely brides and the thought that we may have the opportunity to share in capturing a gay wedding was an absolute joy for us. Upon telling us their love story and how their lives had come together at the perfect time, we were crying with tears of joy for the first of many times with these two.

Their wedding day started off with quiet suspense as they both got ready. John enjoyed hanging out with his sister and daughter as they had their hair and makeup done. John even popped in the makeup chair for a bit of handsome touch-ups. Meanwhile, Daniel anxiously awaited as his family opened their gifts given to them by the two grooms. Smiles, laughter, and of course a few tears as his mother, father, and sister were overjoyed with the beautiful gifts of affection.

Suiting Up and Cutting Up

The guys got dressed and sharpened up their dapper suits while sharing in laughter, jokes, and admiring Amanda’s endless ability to find yet another mirror to film through. The area we chose for getting dressed had boundless, beautiful natural light and plenty of space for the guys to enjoy each others company while getting their ties just right.

An Emotional Wedding First Look

After ensuring they look their best, Daniel and John were beyond ready to finally see each other for the first time on their wedding day. We were blessed with a break in the rain and were able to find the perfect spot outside in the garden to act as the backdrop for this amazing moment. The two grooms were situated back-to-back and began to take turns reading the most loving, intimate letters to each other. Throughout these touching letters, the two talked of all the ups and downs that lead them to this one magical moment. Once they had shared their hand-written love they spun around and a moment of absolute raw beauty emerged. A total embracing of souls and an unshakeable love burst from this gay couple. Behind our lenses, we were left wiping away the misty-eyed tears of joy from this spectacular moment.

Community-Oriented Gay Wedding Ceremony

One thing, in particular, that was overly apparent was the overwhelming love and support given to this couple by their family, friends, and community. A crowd of loved ones sat in excitement as the couple proceeded through their ceremony. Throughout the ceremony, we experienced heartfelt readings, messages, and vows. In addition to their hand-written letters shared during their first look, Daniel and John also customized their ceremony with loving vows that spoke of their love story and commitment to one another.

A First Kiss, Cheers of Joy, and They're Off

The wedding party loaded up in the limo after the ceremony and headed downtown to capture a few moments around Raleigh. A few noteworthy stops included the LGBT mural and Daily Planet globe. It’s truly amazing to be able to live in a city that openly proclaims it’s love for the LGBT community and has some really awesome public art to enjoy. The moments we captured at these spots were among our favorite moments from the day. You could sense the excitement and joy as the couple and their friends were toted around town capturing this magical day in their beloved city.

On to Traine

Guests were anxiously awaiting to get the party started over at Traine. The two grooms made their grand entrance and proceeded to the dance floor to share in their first dance as husbands under a lantern-lit evening. After gracefully waltzing around the dance floor, the two men then shared in a few other special dances with their family. John enjoyed a dance with his daughter and sister, while Daniel spent a few moments dancing with his mother and sister. It meant the world to these two to proclaim their love of these special folks as they have endlessly supported them throughout their lives.

Let's Bust a Move

Once the formalities were taken care of and everyone had a chance to grab some grub, it was time to kick it up a notch. The music turned up and everyone hit the dance floor. We couldn’t stop filming as folks kept the party going with their stunning dance moves and joyous celebration of this wonderful day. And wouldn’t you know it, there was even a dance train at the Traine venue, because, why wouldn’t there be?

As the night neared its end and all 5 tiers of cake had been consumed, it was time to send these two off to their happily ever after. Everyone lined up outside as waved their glowsticks high into the night sky to light up a path for the couple to venture off.

Congratulations Daniel and John and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to share in this wonderful day with you both.

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