An Oak Haven Farms Wedding

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Emma and Ricky exemplify everything HoneyDew Films is and strives to be; fun-loving, creative, and intentional are all words that come to mind. It was such an amazing fit from the first phone call we had about their Reidsville wedding video, to the planning of their wedding day. Emma and Ricky’s Oak Haven Farms wedding had an amazing amount of detail stuffed into every minute. During the preparations, everyone was all smiles as their #blaytrees wedding day was finally here. Emma did an amazing job of blending her love of glamour with the country chic feel of Oak Haven Farms. Her dress was an amazing recreation of her mom’s vintage wedding dress, over 30 years old, and made a bold statement as it hung from a glittery, glamorous hanger. All of the bridesmaids looked adorable in their matching monogrammed t-shirts and before we knew it, it was time to say “I Do”.

Our Greensboro wedding videography team was completely melted by how adorable their ring bearer was dressed, as a real-life Sherriff. He could not have been any cuter. The couple exchanged beautiful vows and were out of the church in no-time! The photography session was one of the most creative we’ve seen, with the entire wedding party holding signs that spelled “The Crabtrees” out on the church steps. The lighting was amazing that day and our Greensboro Wedding Videography team was able to use it for some amazing moments between Emma and Ricky.

Oak Haven Farms weddings are always some of our favorites. The quality of service and style is down to earth and totally trendy with the farm, country-chic weddings. We always love visiting the cow that’s right outside of the reception barn! As previously mentioned, #TheBlaytrees are no stranger to detail, with an awesome photo booth set up for guests, an NC cutting board for guests to sign, and coloring books for the kids- no guest was left out. It’s this thoughtfulness and intentionality that make it an amazing experience for both the bride and groom and everyone that has come out to celebrate with them. We simply could not get over how good all of the pies and cake looked, contrasting the glamour and country chic. Emma hit the nail on the head blending glamour and country-chic.

To conclude the night, Emma had asked us to add in shots of her friends and family dancing, as well as some karaoke. Our Greensboro wedding videography team was so excited to make these changes for her- as it really showed how much fun this wedding party was. We can’t thank Emma and Ricky enough for having us there for their big day. We are beyond blessed to capture these moments and to create a unique wedding film for #TheBlaytrees to cherish for years and years to come.

Congratulations Emma and Ricky!

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