Barn at Reynolda Village Wedding

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These two lovebirds have quite a story. Their lives lead them both on different, bumpy roads full of ups and downs. And at the end of their journey so far, was something standing there all along.

When you know, you just know

Moravian Stars Bride Groom

Laura and Michael have been nearly missing each since the beginning. They grew up in the same area, ran in the same circles, but never quite connected. After venturing out on their own ways they found that life simply had to have them together. Fortunately for them and us, this relationship was simply meant to be. They are the cutest of couples and you can’t help but smile from the burning desire that exists between them. As the minister in their ceremony said, this love is beshert.

Gorgeous Wedding Dress
Stunning Bride Bouquet
Groom Father Happy

Laura looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown and Michael didn’t look too shabby himself. He got even more brownie points by secretly sending over an endless stream of sweet cards to Laura throughout the day. Each card led closer to their emotional ceremony.

Groom Crying

 When Michael laid eyes on Laura gracing her way down the aisle, he couldn’t help hold back the tears. She was the love of his dreams, heading straight for his heart to commit their lives together.

Roll out

Wedding Small Centerpiece
Tall Wedding Florals

After a short bus ride, we arrived at the beautiful Barn at Reynolda Village. Not only is this venue spectacular, but it had been decorated perfectly by the always talented Tonya from Abba Design. Flowers adorned around every nook and corner. Perhaps the most stunning of all was the elaborate display of greenery and florals that hung behind the head table. Candles added for atmosphere and this scene made for the perfect night to mingle and dance together.

Incredible Wedding Florals

S'moore for you?

Wedding Cake
Smores Sign
Smores Roasting

The cake looked delicious and we are pretty sure it tasted great too. And what goes better with sweets? More sweets of course! A smores station was set up outside for friends and family to roast up marshmallows, smother them with chocolate, and sandwich between two crispy graham crackers. If that doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, then we got nothing for you.

A twirl and a dip

Bride Groom Dip

Michael whisked Laura about the dance floor with flowing twirls and confident dips. Ending with a smooch and it was time for the dance floor to follow suit. Guests danced the night away and headed out to wish the happy couple farewell. Bubbles flew through the air and Michael’s brother may have gotten a bit carried away with the bubble machine. The couple vanished into the night courtesy of a fancy Excalibur Roadster and the rest is history.

Wedding Bubble Exit
Excalibur Wedding Car

We are so happy these two found love in one another. This love is truly beshert and we wish them only the best in their many years ahead, this time together.

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