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Gina & Jake | Catholic Wedding

Love is more than just a feeling with Gina and Jake. Between the “oohs” and “aahs” we can’t help but gush at this tender and elegant St Pius X wedding that will make your heart tremble with delight. Of course, it is always a delight to work close to home with and outstanding team of vendors.

Perfect Match - When Love Begins

How do we begin?

There was the tear-filled but merry rehearsal dinner at the Starmount Country Club. Everyone provided their enthusiasm for what it means to have both Jake and Gina tying the knot. Jake’s sister joyfully talked about how perfect his future wife was from the very moment they met. Gina’s adorable niece spoke of how she deserves an ideal guy like Jake, it is a true match made in heaven.

Taking Time - For Love and Family

Take out your hankies ladies and you gents get ready for heart-warming moments.

Weddings are more than just the grand culmination of romantic love. It’s two families becoming one to celebrate love, and in the case of Jake and Gina, a loving Catholic wedding ceremony.

The bride made her grandma’s house her bridal suite as the bridal party shared in light-hearted moments and laughter. Makeup, beauty, and bridal attire might take center stage for some weddings, but not this one because family legacy is pretty much the rule. The bride comes from a strong-knit family that has strong ties with the Catholic community.

Touching Moments

Sentiments run stable, and you can feel it through each moment captured in this wedding video in Greensboro. It’s in the simple, touching moments as the bride gets ready, the sunlight filtering through the windows, and the bridal party share pictures and memories.

Contrast that with the manly vibe of the guys holed up at the bride’s dad’s mancave. Yeah, you got it right. Dear daddy turned over his cards and billiards hideaway so the groom and his party can get ready in style.

It’s true brotherhood, from the straightening of each other’s bowties and putting on cufflinks. The bro moments are filmed so discreetly that the guys forgot they were being captured. This is really how you want your wedding video to look and feel like – real and authentic. While the men finished prepping, the talented Carly Marie ensured their boutonnieres were placed perfectly before heading off to the ceremony.

St Pius X Wedding - Happily Ever After Now

Beautiful stained glass windows set the background for a solemn but joyous Catholic celebration at this St Pius X wedding. The Hopkins-Simmons nuptials are a testament to what happens when your love brings blessing to your family and community.

Okay, we can’t help gushing! But you know eternal love rings true when everybody can’t stop raving about the bride and groom. The Sacrament of Marriage is a solemn exchange of vows, but Gina and Jake gave it their own loving and homegrown twist. Of course, this lovely wedding video in Greenboro has the perfect moments while both bride and groom lovingly hold each other’s hands during the ceremony.

What began as wedding preparations in the bridal homes culminates in a lovely and lively wedding reception at the Simmons Center, which Gina’s family donated to the St Pius X parish.

We Like to Party

Our dashing couple changed to sequined party attire after the pictures were taken and everybody duly admired the gown and suit, and the reception was screaming “PARTY!!” The rambunctious party crowd was lively, and the dancing had all the right party moves. A lot of laughter and some teary-eyed sharing, warm hugs between friends make beautiful wedding memories.

Gina and Jake, your happily ever after starts now.

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