Myer's Park and Quail Hollow Wedding

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Ashley & Brandon | Charlotte NC

From the fun-filled preparations at Quail Hollow Country Club and the celebration of the couple’s matrimony at Myer’s Park United Methodist with the minister who anointed the marriage of Ashley’s parents and grandparents to the memorable reception, this wedding brought nostalgia to every person in the room.

Dubbed as soul mates by their loved ones, high school sweethearts, Ashley and Brandon, sealed their love story with “I do’s” in front of their family and friends on a beautiful day in Charlotte, NC.

Where It All Began

People define love in so many ways. It is not just all about emotions because it seeks to give more. It is more. Love is a crazy feeling that not everyone in this world will get to experience. We desire to be loved. We look for people who will continuously shower us with tender care and affection. But only a few are lucky to have experienced all of these.

Everything is just so surreal for this lovely couple as their fairytale wedding all came true. The couple had been together since they were in 9th grade, and the rest was history. Every detail about the wedding had been thoroughly decided upon as it symbolizes Ashley and Brandon’s journey together as a couple.

It was a romantic night for everyone as the rehearsal dinner was held at Dressler’s, a place so dear for both of the families of the couple. Laughs and sobs filled the entire restaurant as each family member took turns to say their wishes to the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Hearing your loved ones talk about the happiness they feel about your love story is very touching. It causes a gush of emotions when you realize that they have been supporting you since day one.

Preparing for a Beautiful Day at Quail Hollow

It is a perfect day for Ashley and Brandon as they are about to tie the knot and commit themselves until eternity in front of the Maker and their family and friends.

Everything has been set up the way it should be. As the guests started gathering towards Myer’s Park United Methodist, they could not help but marvel at the statue outside of the church, an original artwork designed by the couple’s friends. The green and white florals light up the gorgeous church, adding more sharpness and authenticity to the place.

The matching robes for bridesmaids and the suspenders worn by the guys elevated this classic wedding into a very fashionable one.

A Stunning Myer's Park Wedding Ceremony

With the minister’s message about love and devotion, every heart has been inspired to believe that Ashley and Brandon’s story is an example of what could happen when you love unconditionally.

Weddings are not only made to show others how you value commitment. These moments are celebrations of love and hope. They bring inspiration to people who have lost their faith in love. Weddings are for people to know that fairytales do happen when you believe.

A Night to Remember Back at Quail Hollow

The preparations and the reception were held at Quail Hollow Country Club. With the delectable dishes served, every person in the room cheers as the newlyweds start their new life together.

The massive 4-tier wedding cake coupled by the aesthetic decorations and a band to serenade everyone kept the whole venue alive.

Do you know what makes the entire night more unforgettable? The kiss Ashley and Brandon shared as sparklers around them glisten!

A day filled with laughter and tears, Ashley and Brandon showed the world how unselfish love goes a long way.

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